What sales are included in the weekly and monthly reports?
The figures you can see in the Portal include all “point of sale” (POS) data reported to us by major retail accounts. Other accounts, including the wholesalers who supply libraries, bulk purchase made directly from HBG, and international export sales, are accounted for in the overall adjusted net figure (LTD: Life-to-date) on your royalty statement/unit ledger. For comprehensive sales and royalties information, please consult your royalty statements. 

A sales figure looks lower than I expected. Why? 
There are several possible explanations for lower-than-expected figures. Sometimes one of HBG’s retail accounts is delayed in sending sales information, and that information is delayed in the portal. Certain sales, like bulk purchases or sales in some specialized retailers, are not reflected in the chart. Older titles (those published before 2017) may have incomplete historical weekly and monthly POS data from retailers.

How can I find out how my book is selling at a specific retailer?
Before your book is published, your HBG editor will be able to give you an overview of which accounts are taking copies of your book.

My books are also published by an imprint at Hachette UK (HUK). Are those sales numbers included here?
No. The figures in the HBG author portal relate only to sales of HBG editions, including those sold to international accounts. If you are also published by an HUK imprint and would like HUK sales numbers, please ask your UK editor or consult the HUK Author Portal.  

I have other questions. Whom should I ask? 
If you have any other questions about sales of your books, please always feel welcome to contact your editor. 

What is a Unit Ledger?
A Unit Ledger is a supplemental document that corresponds to your royalty statement. It breaks out the units on your statement into gross units, return units, and reserves units, for each ISBN and price point, as well as displays units for non-royalty transactions such as Gifting or Donations.
How do I download my Unit Ledger?
There are two options for downloading your unit ledger, as a PDF or as an Excel file. When you hit the button, it will export the file based on the information on your screen – either cumulative or for the specific period you have selected for the ISBN you are currently view.
Why can’t I view the Unit Ledger for a prior period?
The option for viewing a particular statement period will start with December 2022 and be available for future periods. You can also view the cumulative for the lifetime sales of the book. If you would like the unit ledger for a specific period prior to December 2022, please reach out to Royaltydept@hbgusa.com
I have questions about my Unit Ledger or royalty statement – whom should I contact?
Please reach out to us at Royaltydept@hbgusa.com and one of our royalty analysts will be happy to assist you!